Okay, I semi-permanently dyed my hair today, and I got a drop of it on my tile flooring, what is the fastest way to get it off?

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    1. Try mineral spirits, paint thinner, or rubbing alcohol

    2. Nail Polish remover will work. Don’t pour it on the tile because it will stink just put some on a cotton ball and wipe it up, it should come up rather easily.

    3. Rubbing alcohol or Comet bathroom cleaner (DO NOT mix the two!).

    4. The best way to get rid of Manic Panic I’ve found is to use baby wipes. Dunno why, but a baby wipe and elbow grease have gotten rid of some stains I thought I’d never get out with products meant for cleaning the bathroom. Depending on your tile, you can also use a little pinch of baking soda to help scrub. It also seems to work better if you can keep the spot damp until it’s gone. I don’t think witchhazel will work. Witchhazel is for drying and tightening skin, nail polish remover is for melting plastic. (That’s more or less what it does to nail polish to get it off.)