its summer, so that means bathing suits. I always get really bad razor burn no matter what I do. I will shave my bikini line, and it is fine for the first day but then the next day, when it starts to grow back in it hurt/itches like hell and I get this awful rash that goes as far as my lower tummy and my butt. on top of that its 90 degrees so sweating makes it worse, its really embarrassing, and uncomfortable. I have done everything from expensive razors, to even using neosporin after I shave(which works sometimes). the thing is I dont think its razor burn, its an irritation from the hairs gowing back in. I shave in intervals, i will wait for the hairs so grow back in about 1/2 inch before I shave again, but nothing works, what should I do?

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    1. get a bikini wax. thats what i do it last longer and you dont end up with stubles the next day

    2. Hi Endless, Nameless,It took me ages to be able to get a decent cut without any irritation.Here is what I do:To prevent it you can do the following:- Invest in a really good razor (I had your troubles until I bought gillette fusion, it is expensive and targeted at men, but I think it’s fantastic. There are female alternatives such as venus)- Use a lot of soap/shower gel/shaving cream. Keep applying it as you need it and get a good lather.- Shave in the direction of the hair. (I do this first, but usually find it doesn’t get close enough for my liking so I move the razor to a different directions but only if it’s comfortable.) Your skin will harden to shaving and irritation will get less as time goes on.- When you finish moisturise with something like e45, as it has no scent to agitate your skin.- Wear loose clothes and underwear afterwards. However Moisturising tends to be a bit sore, because all the pores are open once you have shaved. I tend to slap it on anyway, but you’re better just waiting for a while.You might find you don’t even need it – all skin types are differentIf this doesn’t work I don’t know what to suggest really it’s just trial and error!

    3. You never need to shave your area down there.It a way to sensitive area. Which is why youprobably got your razor burn. Shaving down there can cause bad irritation, ingrown hair, bumps, bleeding and worse at points.For the burn use some mederma gel for a few days.On the other hand, stop shaving that area.Use some hair removal lotion cream foam or whicheveryou’d like best.Hope I helped and Bestof luck :) )) !