When I was around 13 or so, I started shaving. Stupid enough, I shaved around my belly button -_- now for the past three years I have had to pluck the thick hairs, leaving me with red scars and ingrown hairs even after I pluck them..sometimes I bleed too and the scars are so easy to see. The skin is rough from the scar tissue too. I need this to go away cause I'm so self conscious when I go swimming:( what should I do? No laser removal please, or waxing/shave/pluck. I know bleaching helps, but what about the rough skin/ingrown hairs/scar tissue? Please help:(

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    1. I have the exact same problem, please let me know if anything you try helps

    2. The best thing is to see a doctor, that’s for sure.Maybe an dermatologist, but I say a normal doctor is good enough. You can use veet, that’s a kind of foam really creamy and than you can get the hair away without shaving. Your skin looks than soft and fine. You have to do it than from time to time, but it’s much better than cutting due to shaving..