What is the best way to remove nose hair and is there any way to remove it permanently?

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  • How to stop growing hair in nose? - if you flush your nose out regularly with water using a neti pot, your nose hairs will get thinner, but do not over use it because it will dry out your nose and cause it to crack and bleed, only use it once every week or two, I can guarantee you will have less nose
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    1. I heard that if you comb it a lot if falls out. I don’t know yet I can’t get the comb to move when I get it in my nose but I’m working on it.

    2. You dont want to remove your nose hair! It stops dust from going up your nose. If you remove it all you will soon be picking out brown hair buggers. gross.If you have some stray hairs, get a nose hair trimmer or pluck them out with tweasers

    3. I am not so sure but you can try laser hair remover.

    4. its bad if you remove your nose hair permanently because the mucus your body makes work together with your nose hair. So when you breath in through your nose the crap from the air gets stuck in the hair then the boogers trap it. So nose hair keeps you from getting sick =)

    5. to get it away forever tape the nose shaver to ur nose

    6. 1. eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww… 2. You should use tweezers. I know they hurt but they are gonna be your best chance. 3. I think you can get an appointment with someone that uses this lazer (it don’t hurt) that kills your hair molecules so they don’t grow hair. Hope this helps

    7. As you grow older, less hair appears on your head and more appears from your nose ears.

    8. To remove hair temporarily, use a nose hair trimmer.To remove hair permanently, use a soldering iron.

    9. Get a shaver with an attachment for your nose ans ears, and use it once a day. That should keep them away.

    10. I cut them out every other day. Nose hair grows very quickly. And, try as I may I cannot find a permanent way of stopping the growth. A word of caution. Take care if you are considering depilatories. They can result in scarring . The same goes for ear hair. Which, by-the-way, I find equally deplorable. Safety scissors for both unwanted hair growths done about every other day seems to do the job for me. Mike

    11. they make electric trimmers for this problem and you don’t want to get rid of it. nose hair has a purpose, to keep things like lint and dust from making its way to your lungs.