On the link below it says that your hair will grow 5 inches, but im scared if i put it on my scalp it will get to thick to wash out and i will smell like peanut butter.[external link]

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  • How does one remove gum from hair without cutting the hair? - 1. Peanut butter2. Ice3. Butter or mayo4. Coconut oil or almond oilwith peanut butter put it around your hair and gum and wash it out.
  • I GOT GUM STUCK IN MY HAIR HOW TO REMOVE IT WITHOUT CUTTING:( ? - don’t use ice. it makes it worse.use peanut butter. put it on your hair around the gum area and on it too. that way it slips out.if you dont have peanut butter. use olive oil. it should come out eventually.once my little sister got gummy candy stuck in her hair and i had no choice
  • How do you remove pitch/pine sap from your hair? - I don’t know if any of these will work, but you can try these things. I would test each on a sample area if possible.WD-40, peanut butter, nail polish remover- acetone base, and possibly mayonaisse (although I don’t know about that one.) Peanut butter – dissolves gum bases, so it may work for tree sap.Nail
  • HELP! How do you remove dried gum from hair? - My 4 yr-old son returned from his fathers with a chunk of hair stuck to his scalp from gum. It has been this way for 2+ days. His hair is very short, close to the scalp, so the gum has dried and basically “glued” the hair to the scalp. I am willing to try the
  • How do i remove silly puddy from my daughters hair? - anything “oily.” should break it down. Butter, peanut butter.almost like getting gum out. Pick out what you can. then try to rub small amts. of the butter in. Also, try to hold an icecube on it to “freeze” it and make it not so “putty”ish. Either remedy should work to get most of it out.
  • Why does chewing gum seperate and dissolve if you eat chocolate at the same time you are chewing the gum? - You know, I thought I was the only crazy person that noticed this as well!I bet it has something to do with the oils/butter/fats in the chocolate. It breaks down the chewing gum, due to the addition of this “foreign” substance.That’s why I suppose Peanut Butter works well at removing gum from your hair. The
  • How can i remove bubble gum from my hair without cutting it? - just use peanut butter


    1. I googled this. Apparently the idea came from a movie from the 80′s called “The Peanut Butter Solution”. However nothing came up when I googled this question that actually stands by this theory. So, while peanut butter does help remove gum from your hair, it will do nothing to make it grow, especially 5 inches in a matter of weeks.

    2. hahahahaha, yes. so now, go stick your head in a tub of peanut butter. O:

    3. LMAOOOOOOO dont listen to that its bullcrap