I'm thinking about getting my legs waxed. However, when I experimented with tweezing my leg hairs they always grew back ingrown. Does this mean that when I wax them they will grow back ingrown as well? Isn't the only difference between tweezing and waxing is that with tweezing you're only doing one hair at a time?

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    1. when you wax it is ripping the hair from your skin and when you wax its better because it doesn’t grow back as thick

    2. waxing is better

    3. Wax your legs. Tweezing will take to long and be to painful.

    4. well heat is applied with wax opening up the pores etc, not sure that matters though.

    5. No its not. When you wax the hair follicle gets heated up. That makes the hair loose, and it comes out easyer. At the salon they will also apply a lotion after wards which will prevent ingrown hairs. When you tweez you pull the hair out in all different directions, not always the way they grow. When you wax all the hairs are pulled out in the same direction, and they grow back normally. Waxing can be painful though. So I would suggest going for IPL. Your local beauty salon should be able to do it. Its a painless hair removal and more permanent. Good luck!PS: let the hair grow out at bit before the time…

    6. Do brazilian waxing.