so i've used hair removal cream a few times but i'd like to wax iti get ingrown hairs VERY easily, and when i wax my bikini line with nair wax strips i get a few ingrownsalso my hair roots are strong and deep and usually bleed, what can i do to fix this?more detail the better, thanks guys

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    1. Go to a beautician they use warm/hot wax for that area and they look at the direction of hair growth for each area and wax in small sections so it may be less painful for you. The bleeding is called blood spotting, its totally normal and you cant stop it from happening.

    2. you can Go to a beautician , or do it by lazier(i dont like it).but i think that because your hair roots are very strong, you should yous cream and not wax it.

    3. hot waxcold doesnt do anything

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    5. If you must wax, use a hair clippers first. But I think that waxing around your lady’s garden is not such a good idea, just stick to the bikini line for now. User your clippers to cut the hair shorter, that helps with the ingrowns.

    6. you need to know more about pubic hair styles and about waxing details – see everything about “Hair Removal” in section HOT TOPICS and everything about “Pubic hair styles” in section SEXUALITY

    7. Go to a beautician to get it done, its quick and easy and usually only costs between £10-£20.I know its kindof embarrassing, but if you just think how many times they must have done it with loads of different women, its reassuring.