I have it ALL over my face. It is esspecially noticable when I'm in the sun. What hair removal method should I use? Is there any home remedy that I should do? Or anyway to minimize the appearance of my peach fuzz? My peach fuzz is light like blonde colored and my skin is dark- so bleach won't work.

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    1. Wax ought to do the job, or just use tape to pull the hairs.

    2. Best choices are to either use a chemical depilatory such as Nair or have it waxed by a professional. Personally, I would have it waxed.Nair is much like shaving in the fact that it only removes the hair at the surface of the skin not by the root as waxing does. This means the hair will grow back much faster, you will notice stubble in just a few days.

    3. there is nair hair remover for the face. do not shave it. or you can use any other hair remover cream made for the face they all work just about the same, just read the directions on the box/tube.

    4. It’s called a razor…

    5. My friend thread it, but it hurts like hell